The DEF CON Shoot is a public event that happens just prior to the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is an opportunity to see and possibly shoot some of the guns belonging to your friends while taking pride in showing and firing your own steel, as well, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.



The 2016 DEF CON Shoot will take place at the Clark County Shooting Complex north of Las Vegas. This is a change from previous years when we simply used unincorporated land out west of the city.

There will be plenty of space, there is still overhead coverage, and this year we even have real bathrooms... but PLEASE i cannot stress enough that this is a TOTALLY new spot. Do NOT drive to the old location. I'm even keeping up this huge banner announcement I added to the site a few days ago...




For specific directions to the shoot site, you can always just input "Clark County Shooting Complex" into Google Maps. For greater detail, you can drop the following Lat/Long coordinates into a GPS device... 36.3511, -115.2110

The maps on the 2016 Directions page should help give you a decent idea of how to get there, as well.



The DEF CON Shoot takes place prior to the start of DEF CON. In the past, this has meant an early start on Thursday, wrapping up around noon. However, we tried something new a while back and it was so popular that this is now the new routine...

There are TWO segments to the DEF CON Shoot: Wednesday Dusk and Thursday Dawn.

People arrive for the Wednesday Dusk Shoot anytime after 16:30, and the lane rental sessions take place from 18:00 to 20:30. The Thursday Dawn Shoot people arrive between 09:00 and 09:30 and the lane rental sessions run from 10:00 to 12:30...

Day One - Wednesday

Rental Tents Set-up - 14:00 - 15:00

Staff & Camp Set-up - 16:00 - 17:00

Shooter Arrival - 16:30

Shooter Reg - 16:30 - 17:00

Intro & Safety - 17:00 - 17:30

Session W1 - 17:30 - 18:30

Shoot Talk - 18:30 - 19:30
seeess - "AOWs: Exotics Big & Small"

Session W2 - 19:30 - 20:30

Clean-up - 20:30 - 21:00

Day Two - Thursday


Staff Set-up & Camp Pack-up - 08:00 - 09:00

Shooter Arrival - 08:30

Shooter Reg - 08:30 - 09:00

Intro & Safety - 09:00 - 09:30

Session R1 - 09:30 - 10:30

Shoot Talk - 10:30 - 11:30
Karl & Ian - "The Next John Moses Browning Will Use GitHub"

Session R2 - 11:30 - 12:30

Clean-up - 12:30 - 13:00

Rental Tents Pack-up - 13:00 - 14:00

Each hour should consist of repeated periods involving about 12 to 13 minutes of shooting, followed by 2 or 3 minutes for cease-fire and target prep. That gives everyone four break periods to reset targets, etc.

Most people usually hope to be be back in vehicles and departing by 13:00 in order to be back at the hotel with plenty of time to spare so that all folks working DC101 or attending the ToxicBBQ have time to clean up, change, etc. However, people are free to remain at the DEF CON Shoot site after 13:00 and continue on their own, with no connection to the Shoot event itself. Anyone staying at that time will likely have to move down to the "C" range.



Historically, the DEF CON Shoot has consisted only of one element: great time on the firing line. Before and after there's socializing, sometimes camping (see below), and the like... but the main focus has always involved eyes and ears being covered. (Save for when we have a suppressor round!)

Starting in 2016, there is a new element being added to this event: Shoot Talks!

By adjusting our schedule (see above) by a half hour each day, we've now carved out a one-hour break in between firing sessions and this will be time afforded to guest speakers who will offer presentations about firearms and firearm hacking. Historical facts, unique designs, new technologies... you name it, we'll showcase it. Often, speakers will be then afforded one of the lanes in the day's second shoot session where they will showcase the hardware that was being discussed.

DEF CON Shoot Talks... for folk who want to learn about, then handle, and then actively fire the kinds of guns that you often only see posted about on internet enthusiast forums or in shooting publications. Come learn something! If you'd like to submit a talk for possible inclusion at a DEF CON Shoot, simply email me. Speakers get badged into the event for free if their talk is accepted.

Talks for 2016...

seeess - "AOWs: Exotics Big & Small"

While super-short shotguns have been popular for some time now at the DEF CON Shoot, they are just one example of the vauge NFA category called "Any Other Weapons." Long-time DEF CON Shoot veteran seeess will be bringing and showcasing many selections from his collection including a KEG12 shotgun, a flashlight gun, a cane gune, a pocket shotgun, and a knock-off stinger zip gun. Come and learn all about what a $5 tax stamp can get you! (Discussion of the legal elements of NFA ownership, particularly as it relates to AOWs, will also be covered.)

Karl & Ian - "The Next John Moses Browning Will Use GitHub"

The rise of the machines will include a new manufacturing technology and it’s rapidly approaching: economic, consumer-level 3D printing using metal. And mtal-based 3D printing means that some people will inevtiably make guns. Home-printed metal firearms will provide an opportunity to have all the political implications of weapons from a MakerBot but with something that can actually function effectively and on par with today’s industrial standards. Those who are planning on experimenting with designing and fabricating them will need critical background knowledge. Karl Kasarda (InRange TV) and Ian McCollum (Forgotten Weapons, InRange TV) are prepared to give you a background primer on how a wide variety of firearms work. Because we do not know what opportunities 3D metal printing will ultimately bring forth, this talk will cover a vast multitude of different ways guns function. Both commonplace modern designs and exotic experiments from the golden age of firearms invention will be showcased. If you are going to experiment in this field, begin your work on the shoulders of giants who came before, instead of on barren ground. A new Gutenberg Press is coming. While we don’t yet know who the Martin Luther(s) of this next reformation will be, we do know that the traditional power’s attempts at gun control will inevitably become more futile.



For many years, the DEF CON Shoot was a beloved part of the world's largest hacker convention. Gun owning geeks would rally together in Vegas for DEF CON and -- in between the talks, parties, and general goings-on in Sin City -- they would take the time one morning to head out in the desert and blow off some steam by letting loose with loads of ordinance. Organized by CHS, a highly venerated DEF CON Goon, this event took place year after year until 2005.

As is so often the case with events at DEF CON, times had changed and the event had outgrown its surroundings. For a number of years, there was no DEF CON Shoot... the ranges where it had taken place in the past had been swallowed up by the city's suburban sprawl and folks just needed a break. Now, however, with the help of some new blood, the event has been resurrected. While CHS is no longer leading the proceedings, we always hope to see him and many of the veterans of past DC-Shoot events at the firing line.

I frequently used to gather some of my closest compadres for trips to local rental ranges like The Gun Store or American Shooters, but since I have only been attending DEF CON since DC8 I thus missed out on a great deal of the earlier fun. Nowadays, I have become the DEF CON Shoot's primary coordinator and have tried to whip up enough gun enthusiasts' support to see this sort of high-powered good time continue happening.



For many years now, the many DEF CON Shoot participants have opted to join us out at Lovell Canyon for both the Wednesday and Thursday sessions. The most dedicated people don't go home at dusk on Wednesday... they camp out right on-site.

Historically, while there's no shortage of folk who express a desire to camp out, lots of individuals simply don't want the hassle of bringing along supplies, etc. Well, I'm here to smash that obstacle once and for all, now!

Beginning in 2016, we are adding a new option to the DEF CON Shoot registration page: Select the "campout" drop-down option and for a small extra fee an air mattress will be ordered for you (basically at cost) and shipped to the Shoot site. We will even inflate it for you... all you need to do is bring a pillow & blankets (say, from your hotel room) then camp with us, either under one of our many canopies or simply beneath the stars.

Anyone who acquires an air mattress with the "campout" registration will forever have this mattress stored with the DEF CON Shoot supplies. You or anyone you designate can make use of the air mattress in the future. It will always be out there at the site, every summer.

So what have you got to lose? Join us overnight for amazing dinner (we will have the cutlery, plates, and stoves... all you have to do is pick up grilling food on the way... or maybe even ask us to get some extras for you, too!) and drinks around the fire after the sun goes down on the range.



This isn't a gun range and i'm not trying to run this like a business or anything, but starting in 2011 we established a small registration system for people to gain access to the event and reserve shooting lanes. This was necessary in order to manage the number of people (or at least PLAN for the number of people) and to keep the line from becoming unsafely crowded. Also, that was the first year that we started to have significant overhead (in all senses of the term... both in costs as well as sun shade for the participants!)

So, there is a fee to register for the event and reservation system for shooting lanes during the event. Stop by the reg page to sign up...




So, you think you'd like to participate in the newly-revitalized DEF CON Shoot? That's great! We look forward to you joining us. Use the above link to pre-register and then swing on over to the DEF CON Forums to talk with others about any questions you may have. Ride sharing, t-shirt designs, camping arrangements, and more are all discussed on the forums.



Yes, indeed... it's always a great time when you get a bunch of gun people together.


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