Got your firearms all prepped, your car all packed, your registration processed, and your lane reserved?
Then follow the directions on this page to join us at the DEFCON Shoot.



Starting last year we were in a brand new location! Because of fire warnings, much of the BLM zones are closed to many activities including shooting. (See linked forums thread above) so we had to scramble to find a new spot. And we have! Thanks to seeess and others who offered ideas, we made all this happen at the Clark County Shooting Complex. This is north of Las Vegas but still a bit closer than the previous Lovell Canyon site. There are pros and cons. It's going to be hotter there but there is more infrastructure. Bathrooms, power, water, and already-erected overhead roofing will be available to us.

The 2017 DEFCON Shoot is planned to take place at this same complex.

If you want exact GPS coordinates of the very spot where we'll be, here they are... 36.3511, -115.2110



The following map images should assist you in finding the 2016 location and helping you to ensure that you're traveling the correct way. (Click to enlarge)


At the site, there are many zones. You may drive past the roundabouts and proceed up to the "Education Center" zone. Park in the parking lot and you'll see the spot where we are. I've highlighted it on the map further down... we will be shooting on the range marked in green above. The yellow building is the education classroom facility. There are bathrooms and a water fountain in the air-conditioned lobby. The blue zone is a spot where we will set up a makeshift bivouac camp, under the stars and overlooking the city of Las Vegas below. I hope it will be very nice.

Down the mountain at the edge of the shotgun area is a building (red highlight) that houes a supply shop (for clothing, eyes, ears, snacks) and also has a restaurant. It's open for breakfast and lunch, I believe.



Typically, many of the DC Shoot attendees rally in the DEFCON hotel and roll out to the site en masse. If you are interested in doing this, know that folk try to meet up on Wednesday at 15:30 and get on the road no later than 16:00 and on Thursday at 07:30 and get on the road no later than 08:00.

As far as where to meet up in order to coordinate shared rides, that's a little bit trickier. I'm open to suggestions. I'd say, keep an eye out on the DEFCON Forums for more.



There is actually decent cel reception out there. It's just barely on the north edge of the city. Not only that, but you can take a Lyft to and from the site. I imagine you can take a taxi, too. It's a much easier drive than previous years.

Please remember that we will NOT be up in the mountains so it's going to be hot. There is a water fountain on site but please consider packing more water and being prepared to mop your brow. There are places to be out of the sun, but still it's going to be good for everyone to have sunscreen on, etc.