A Baggage Comment

Deviant Ollam
Here's just a small rant i have about collecting baggage in airports. Please pardon my barracks talk.
a Baggage Comment

Do These People Need a Punch in the Face?
How many of you have seen a scene like this? A flight has unloaded its passengers and they have all made their way to the baggage claim, you along with them. What do all these idiots do as quickly as possible? Cluster right up next to the luggage carousel, of course. Why??!?!

I really wish there was a line marked clearly on the floor of every airport baggage hall, designating a four or five foot perimeter around all the luggage belts. In my fantasy world, there would be huge signs (and visual announcements, if necessary) saying "Hey, fuckface! If you cannot actually see your goddamn bag approaching, then park your moronic fucking ass behind the fucking line on the floor!"

Look at the photo below... there are only two people actually standing a sensible distance away from the luggage carousel. (I'm giving the black man with the white outfit and cap the benefit of the doubt since i can't see his feet behind suitcases.) The other people... what the hell are they all doing? Why do they feel the need to be there?

Final Details & Thoughts
Maybe i'm in the minority here, but i choose to stand well back from the baggage belts (as you can see from where i shot this photo) and approach when i see my cases coming around. It would be a lot easier to do this, of course, if all the other braindead rubes would do the same... then we could all clearly see the luggage and approach only when necessary.

Of course, we all handle this current dilemma in our own way. I have taken to politely asking "excuse me, can i get to my bags there" when they actually show up... then barging in if no one clears a space, practically elbowing people over in the process if they are too slow or stupid to move. And anyone who wasn't pushed back by my hard-charge into the belt area is often found moving back quite quickly soon after, as i fling my fifty-pound steel ammo cases around to associates (who are waiting by luggage carts and standing well back from the imaginary line that we all respect)

Maybe i'm just being grumpy. Or maybe i'm not alone here. Feel free to email me or tweet at me, saying i'm right or saying i'm an asshole. ;-)