DefCon Beverage Cooling
Contraption Contest

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Background Info

After watching an episode of the Discovery Channel show MythBusters i had an idea for something that could be a really fun contest at DefCon. The segment that inspired me was entitled "Cooling a Six-Pack." On it, the guys tested a variety of ways to take room-temperature beer and cool it down to proper drinking temperature (38º F was the benchmark they shot for) very quickly. After getting a series of control values (beer in a fridge, a freezer, ice, ice+water, and ice+water+salt) they tried to make their own contraptions.

Adam created an ice-vat type affair through which passed a copper tube...

Jamie, on the other hand, primed rolled metal sheeting by submerging it in Liquid Nitrogen, then dropped it in the beer to act as a heat sink...

Both of these designs were well thought out, but neither had what could be called outstanding performance. I'd be willing to bet that DefCon attendees could put their considerable tech talents (and their even more considerable disposition for chilled alcohol) to the task and come up with some pretty righteous ideas for cooling a beverage very quickly. Quite an appropriate contest what with DefCon being held in the middle of the desert, wouldn't you say?


Latest Updates

After seven years of running the Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest, i have decided to step back. Uncle Enzo from the NullSpaceLabs team is now taking over the BCCC event. I am looking forward to seeing participation and energy from all sides continue long into the future. I'll stop by and say hello and be sure to reach out for a few free drinks... but for now most things posted to this page will be updates from Enzo. You folk can all look to the BCCC area of the DEFCON Forums for more details.


Contest Rules

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Signing Up

There will be a signup thread in the "Unofficial Contests" area of the DefCon forums. Post there with your team info.


When & Where

The Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest will take place at NOON ON FRIDAY outside on the Miranda Patio, accessible from the corridor near the main Info Booth, next to the con Reg and Swag areas.

Check with the staff at the contest booth for help if you can't find us. Or check with the main Info Booth and they'll laugh at you and point to the door right next to them.   ;-)



Since this is still an unofficial DefCon event, I doubt that winners will be awarded the coveted black badges like those who succeed in other, established contests. Still, i guarantee that there will be plenty of free beverages available for participants to, ahem, "calibrate their equipment" and so forth. C'mon, it'll be fun... why not give it a try?

background info ~ contest rules ~ signing up ~ when & where ~ prizes ~ past results

to contact Nz0, shoot an email to uncl3nzo [at] gmail [dot] com