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AR Rifle Hacking & Building
The ArmaLite Stoner pattern rifle, specifically the AR-15, is arguably America's most popular long arm. Villainized in the press, issued by the military, equipped in numerous video games, and kept legally in countless US homes... the famous "black rifle" is one of the most extensible and configurable firearms, yet so many users do little beyond attaching a new optic or other accessory on their picattiny rail.

This talk is an exploration of how many features and modifications are possible on AR rifles. I showcase my custom AR-15 which can function as upwards of five very distinct firearms. One single gun (the lower receiver is the only serialized and controlled element, regulated by the ATF) can shoot a variety of calibers of ammunition, launch exotic projectiles, and serve in a great many roles: from defense to plinking to weekend craziness and more.

2016/03/05 - CarolinaCon 12
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Guns and Privacy: Hard Truths and Straight Talk Coming From a Place of Love
This talk happened without any real preparation or expectation, given that I was asked to fill in on the NotACon schedule for a speaker who hadn't arrived on time. With about 25 minutes to prepare, using a borrowed laptop and notes that really only existed in my head... this was the result.

I have to say I'm pleased. The topic of background checks, gun regulation, and other new policies were on the table around this time, and the recent Congressional activity made for a very relevant backdrop in this discussion about the ways in which technology could be improved in order to protect both public safety and individual privacy... making the issue of much new legislation totally irrelevant.

2013/04/19 - NotACon 10
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Safe to Armed in Seconds: A Study of Epic Fails of Popular Gun Safes
This talk is an in-depth evaluation of some of the most popular small firearm lockboxes in-use today. Some rely on mechanical locks, others on biometric locks, and some offer a combination of both. But overall, they tend to fail miserably in the face of any dedicated attacker.

Your favorite gun lockbox might be preventing your toddler from having an accidental discharge, but it's probably not at all likely to repel a criminal or even perhaps a curious teenager. Means of both attacking as well as improving upon the lockboxes you already may own are demonstrated, and audience members were invited to participate in all sorts of attacks... live and on stage.

2011/08/06 - DEFCON 19
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Exploring Emergency Data Destruction with Bruce & Shane
This was a talk about rapid, massive hard drive destruction at DEFCON 19 where i had a small segment in between Bruce Potter and Shane Lawson. Since my segment heavily focused on ways of destroying hard drives that related to shooting, i've included it in the "Firearms" section of my web site.

My segment begins just before the 13 minute mark, but you should watch the whole thing because the other two fellows are way smarter, funnier, and better looking than i am.

2011/08/05 - DEFCON 19
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Packing & the Friendly Skies
I've been researching and presenting about the topic of flying with firearms for years. This is the section of my site where all the related material lives. Learn about the best tips and tricks for making the process smooth. Read accounts of others who have flown with guns in their checked luggage. And, of course, if you have a story about flying with firearms, tell me about it.

full summary and many additional details
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A talk concerning the very touchy subject of the ownership and use of firearms for purposes of personal, residential, and workplace defense. Developed by Deviant and conducted as a short intro talk and subsequent panel discussion.

2007/03/23 - ShmooCon 4
panelists: Thorn, Major Malfunction, Laz
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2007/08/05 - DEFCON 15
panelists: Noid, Mouse, Thorn, jur1st
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A popular event from the past has come back to life... I've resurrecting the DEFCON Shoot with the help of some other dedicated gun enthusiasts.

Wanna get some trigger time and kick off the world's largest hacker convention with a bang? Then by all means, come on out! Each summer on the Thursday prior to the start of DEFCON we rally out to the desert and let fly with the lead!

The Unofficial DEFCON Shoot Page