Got your firearms all prepped, your car all packed, your registration processed, and your lane reserved?
Then follow the directions on this page to join us at the DEFCON Shoot.



In 2017 the DEFCON Shoot found a new location. We'll be back there in 2018, in the region of Indian Springs... shooting against Cold Creek Mountain. It's up by Creech Air Force Base, to the northwest of Las Vegas.

The exact shooting spot is: 36.553, -115.654

Directions to proceed there from Las Vegas proper can be seen using this link.



The following map images should assist you in finding the exact location and helping you to ensure that you're traveling the correct way. (Click to enlarge)

The drive from downtown Las Vegas to the Cold Creek shooting spot is about 45 mintues


All you drone fans can enjoy the fact that we're going to be just south of Creech AFB. The green highlighted area south of the town of Indian Springs is where we're all heading.


Here is a closer detail view of the town of Indian Springs. Yes, we know that the signs on roads leading southeast out of that town say things like "No Outlet" and "Road Not County Maintained" and the like... just keep going on Old Benn Road and you'll reach the shooting spot.


Here we are. Almost like old times, eh? :-)




As far as road conditions are concerned, getting to the site isn't really all that perilous... it is a proper paved road and all. However, this is a relatively unpatroled, sparesly-maintained section of road in the wilderness. There are not always the most clear shoulders and it could be harder for a large vehicle, particularly if it's a rental vehicle that you're not usually driving everyday.

The parking surface is an unpaved lot. Weather can vary its conditions. But whether you have an SUV or a midsize sedan from Hertz i think you'll still be ok.

Also, i should note, there are no restroom facilities or other comforts out there. It's litterally a patch of desert that acts as campground and shooting site to anyone who wants to use it. GSM and CDMA signals are also iffy out there. We will have some shade canopies erected, and free water available... but you're on your own for most everything else. So either find a bush, pee behind your vehicle, or hold it until we're back in civilization.