The DEF CON Shoot has a pretty significant degree of planning and logistics. Staff members (RSOs and Security folk) have identifying vests, hopefully radios, etc. Shooting lanes have canopies overhead to shield us from the sun and tables so that firearms aren't down in the dirt while not in use. A shaded hangout area will have first aid supplies, extra eyes and ears, and plenty of free water for all in attendance.

This does mean that there are registration and lane rental fees. I need some way of estimating and then regulating how many people will be in attendance and keeping the lines safe.



We've got great news... back in 2018 I've decided to reduce the cost of the event to $20 per person. A military ID gets you admission for half price, which is thus reduced down to $10. If you're from a region where firearms are heavily restricted, you can register as an Un-Free Shooter. While there is no discount for doing this, it goes get you a different badge. (And some folk at the event like to give un-free folk an opportunity to try things that they can't have at home.)

Shooting lanes are at a cost of $40 per session... but in 2018 the shooting sessions grew by 50% and are now 90 minutes long. Lanes still consist of an entire 10'x10' tent plus tables and chairs.

Lane Rental

* Please note that we really want all lanes accounted for by July 1st. Any lanes not reserved at that time cannot be guaranteed overhead canopies. We will still accept lane reservations right up until the DEF CON Shoot if possible, but you may be relying on the hangout tent in the rear for shade if you need it.



The plan in place for authenticating who is who when people pick up their attendee badges and lane passes will be the PayPal Transaction ID string that is generated when you process your registration online. I will have a list with your email address (the one used when you did your PayPal checkout... these will be used to identify you on our reg list) and these Transaction ID strings (these will be used to authenticate you if there's an issue.) If you do not have this code with you at the DC Shoot then it may be harder to get you badged-in. I'll do my best to accommodate people if they lose or forget this code, but it won't be easy without internet access out in the wilderness.

Also, if you are registering using the discounted military rates, I ask that you bring your Military ID to the DEF CON Shoot or have me or someone I know vouch for you in order to pick up your discounted badge.



Please note that i am certainly not expecting each participant to pay for a badge AND a lane. All you need to be part of the event is to register and have a Shoot badge. Any badged shooter can use any lane, as long as it's an active lane. Whomever rents the lane is in charge there, and multiple people can share... as long as there aren't simultaneous shooters firing at the exact same time.

The people who are signing up as RSOs and Security volunteers do NOT need to register for a standard participant badge and they will also be able to make use of a staff lane that I'm setting aside. Those people are more than welcome, however, to reserve a private lane for their own use if they wish when they're not on-shift.

If the lane sessions are all booked, you can still register to attend the DEF CON Shoot... but please know that there is no guarantee of what space you'll have. I would strongly recommend that you check on the DEF CON Forums to see who might be willing to share their space, etc.



The DEF CON Shoot has thankfully been free of any incidents of unsafe behavior or serious injury ever since I have been running the event. This is, in part, due to our specific policy of enforcing the Four Rules of Firearm Safety at all times. Said rules are widely published online and also covered in my Opening Remarks every year. Anyone who demonstrates an inability to follow these rules at all times may be asked to cease firing, clear, make safe, and leave the area. The same goes for individuals who exhibit clear signs of being impared due to the use of chemical substances. Any significant safety violation -- including all of the above and other issues such as not respecting cease-fires, negligent discharges, or failure to follow RSO or Staff instructions -- are grounds for your removal from the event.

The above rules are common at gun ranges and shooting events. The following statement is less-so. Be advised.

The DEF CON Shoot prohibits any deliberate disruption, intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, or unwelcome sexual attention. Furthermore, symbols of racism, bigotry, and abject intolerance are not permitted at any shooting events that I run. While I shouldn't have to be explicitly clear, I will cite some examples: if you show up wearing Rhodesian brushstroke camouflage, MAGA attire, an Atomwaffen skull mask, or your outfit or gear has slogans such as "slot floppies" or "make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again" or any similar racist dog-whistle... you are going to be instructed to remove it immediately or leave immediately.

The DEF CON Shoot reserves the right to eject anyone from our area at any time. If you need to report that someone is being unsafe or harassing others or if you have related concerns, we encourage you to contact a yellow-vested staff member immediately.