Flying and Air Travel

Don't Punch My Junk

This is a talk i first gave at DojoCon 2010 regarding the TSA's terrible passenger screening procedures and what we as travelers can do to combat the increasingly poor policies being enacted at our airports.

Some practical advice, plus some overall themes of how people seek to deploy security are discussed. Lots of hillarious images, some NSFW language.


Packing & the Friendly Skies

A fun talk about flying with firearms as a means of protecting any expensive tech in your luggage. Hah, this is not about employing the weapons for defense (we're talking about airports, you lunatic) but rather leveraging federal laws and properly locking your luggage in a way that no airport security, crew, or other staffers are permitted to open it at any time.


Terrorists Apparently Love Their Toast Buttered

Just when you think the TSA can't possibly get any loonier with what they define as "dangerous objects" this happens. As over-prepared as I was, they kepty insisting at every turn that I surrender this puny little butter knife. I wasn't going to. Read and see what happened.


A Pressing Passport Matter

This is the story of what happened to me when I was flying to Austria for DeepSec (and to spend time vacationing with my fiancée and my parents) in November of 2016. I tell it here, lest it happen to you!


The TransStates Air Inciden

On September 20th, 2010, Daisy Belle and i were on the last leg of our journey flying back from the ekoparty conference in Buenos Aires. In Washington's Dulles airport we experienced a level of travel fail that would almost not be thought possible under the newly-enacted laws and regulations. And yet, here is what transpired.


The SAS Incident

When discussing the notion of travel my barber once told me, "You can have a good trip... or you can have a good story." While this axiom doesn't hold true 100% of the time (my first visit to Hawaii comes to mind) it most surely applies to our trip to Norway for HackCon 5.


The Mile High Club

As a surprise at CarolinaCon 8 in 2012, I was secretly added to the end of the speaking schedule. Everyone believed that I was out of town and couldn't make it to this most wonderful of cons, but I snuck in to the city and stayed at the hotel in my room until the evening. To surprised smiles, I took this stage... and gave this most off-the-wall of talks. It was something that I'd been playing with for a while as a topic, and I'm pleased at how well it went. Enjoy!