Lockpicking - by Deviant Ollam

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What Can We Bring To You?

It is always our pleasure to bring our knowledge, equipment, and energy to events around the country and around the world. Wherever there is an interest in physical security matters, TOOOL is happy to share what we know. Depending on your needs and the size, scope, and budget of your event there are any number of presentations that we can give.

Lockpick Village

By far the most popular feature that my associates and i have the capability of bringing to any conference is our renowned "Lockpick Village." If you give us part of a public area we are more than willing to spread out a huge array of sample locks and picks and conduct lessons and hands-on trainings throught the day, letting the public experience just how easy lockpicking is.

At some smaller conferences (no more than 200 to 300 attendees) we can run things with just a pair of TOOOL members and set up simply on a long table or two. We bring all of our gear along with handouts, instruction sheets, and even a projector for the showing of diagrams and videos.

At conferences of 1000 attendees or more, we find it's best to try to run the Lockpick Village as its own room since it tends to draw quite a crowd. Depending on the size of your conference, a major Village can require anywhere from three to five TOOOL members.

(For in-between sized conferences we can be quite flexible... sometimes just one side of an event room or a long stretch of tables along the wall of a public area will suffice with three or possibly four of us running things in shifts.)

The Lockpick Village is always a huge hit and something that your attendees will remember and look forward to at future conferences.

"The Lockpick Village run by Deviant and his team from TOOOL is always one of the biggest draws at our conference. You can count on there always being a crowd around them. I'd say half of the draw is the topic and the other half is Deviant's enthusiasm about physical security and lockpicking... it's infectious and it always spreads through our attendees. By the end of the conference you can see people picking locks at their seats or figuring out if bump keys will work on their homes and businesses. Four stars all around!"

     ~ Jason Martin
          President of Secure DNA Consulting & Managed Security Services
          Founder & President of ShakaCon Training & Security Conference

Physical Security Training

My company, The CORE Group, offers physical security trainings at many recognized events around the world such as Black Hat, SANS, etc. Most classes are two-day offerings and range in scope from introductory basics to advanced training.

If you are concerned about the travel and lodging costs associated with sending your team to such an event, CORE also conducts private classes if you wish to host us at your company. Email me for more details conerning the logisitcs and staff requirements for trainings and how to best ensure that things work out to everyone's advantage.

"This topic is an excellent addition"               "Lockpicking, how cool is that!!"     

  "Physical security is a topic that's overlooked and this class was great."

"It was awesome!"                           "Applicable to our jobs."

"Instructors presented material effectively and were obviously experts in their field."

~ Feedback from Black Hat training attendees

Lockpicking Games

If you're inviting TOOOL to your conference for a Village or a presentation, it's almost trivial for us to bring along one of our classic lockpicking games. If you would be interested in something like this, please let us know... at smaller conferences we sometimes don't even need to bring an additional staffer so all you'd be looking at is an airline extra baggage fee!

At very large, very busy conferences sometimes another person is needed to spend the bulk of their time running contestants through the game courses while other people conduct lessons in the Lockpick Village, etc. If you email us, we're more than happy to discuss logistics with you and make all possible fun and educational activities happen at your conference or corporate event.

"TOOOL has been running their Lockpick Village at HITBSecConf for many years and their showcase is routinely one of the most well-attended and highly sought after exhibits. Their proven teaching methodolgy of 'learn, touch, do' ensures audiences are kept constantly engaged in a fun and educational environment."

     ~ Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran
          Founder & CEO of HackinTheBox Security Conference

Security Assessment

While TOOOL's main focus is sport picking and public instruction, some of our most senior members do perform private security assessments and penetration tests. Babak and i, in particular, work on such a contract basis whenever we can be of service to an organization.

If you have locks you'd like evaluated or want help choosing and rolling out changes to your security infrastructure, we're always glad to be of service. Email me to set up a time when one of us can meet with you to discuss your needs and how we can make your security even stronger...

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