Lockpicking - by Deviant Ollam

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Press & Articles

Here's a small archive of articles i've written or news videos in which i've appeared, etc. Sorry it's so sparsely-populated. I'm not much for public relations and getting press attention!


This Tech Makes D.I.Y. Key Duplication Easy. Maybe Too Easy.
by Brian X. Chen
New York Times article and interview

The New York Times interviewed me about new services that are cropping up, aimed at making it easier for consumers to digitally store and retrieve copies of their keys, RFID badges, etc.


A Super Simple Handcuff Shim that Anyone Can Make
by Deviant Ollam
step-by-step guide article

Handcuffs are fun part of the hacker culture. While a number of commercial tools exist to help you open them, one of the best solutions i've found is something you can make yourself at almost zero cost. Here's how!


The Fundamentals of Physical Security
by Help Net Security
interview at Black Hat Europe

When the Net Security folk interviewed me at Black Hat i told my "American Lock Fable" and uploaded these slides which accompany it. The video of my interview can be found here.


CBS News Report on Bump Keying
interview with CBS3 Eyewitness News

I was intervied on the news by the Philadelphia CBS affiliate when the issue of Bump Keys started making headlines.


Beer Can Padlock Shim
by Deviant Ollam
posted on i-Hacked.com

Surbo asked me to create a step-by-step summary of the "beer can padlock shim" that i designed. The process of this hack can also be viewed in the video here.


The Lock Busters
by Charles Graeber
Wired Online

They've never met a padlock -- or six-pin paracentric cylinder -- they couldn't crack. Live, from the lock-picking championship of the world.