Lockpicking - by Deviant Ollam

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Presentation Resources

I make all versions of my presentations available on this web site. These files, available on the slides page, are large enough on their own without embedding all the videos and other files that are part of my lectures and trainings. If you are viewing one of my presentations and wish to have these additional files, they are available here...

Airplane Bathroom
It's Unbreakable
Anti-Shim Padlock
Kwikset Smart Series Smasher Tool
Automobile Lock
Lever Locks
AXA Bike Lock Overlift
Lever Lock Picking
Bic Pen Attack
Lifting Picking
LIPS Incorrect Pinning
Can Shimming
MajorMalfunction Paperclip Attack
Comb Picks - Factory
Master Lock Spreadsheet
Comb Picks - Improvised
Medeco - Barry
Compressed Air
Medeco - LockCon
Medeco - Marc
Delich Reader
Medeco - Side View
Devil Ring
Medeco - Top View
Dimple Lock Foil Attack
mh Visualizer - Interactive
Dutch Open Article
mh Visualizer - Video
E-Plex Rapping Attack
E-Plex Sabotage Wire
Electronic Safe Spiking
Mul-T-Lock CLiQ
Elevator Winches
Mul-T-Lock CLiQ Vibration Attack
Fichet F3D

Plug Spinner - Improvised

Foil Impressioning
Quick Key System
Foil Impressioning Kit
Raimundo Making Bogotas
Gecko on Burn Notice
Rake Then Lift
Handcuffs - Opening & Closing
Raking Picking
Handcuffs - Shimming
Rotating Disk Picking
Handcuffs - Double Lock
Rotating Disk Smashing
Handcuffs - Deviant Escape
Salto Hammer
Handcuffs - Renderman Escape
Spool Animation
Handcuffs - Paper Hack
Traveler Hook Door Attack
Handcuffs - Clejuso Model 13s
Trigger Lock
Handcuffs - Kyoung Chang Multi-Lever
Tubular Picking
Handcuffs - Unlocking Long List
Under Door Tool
Handcuffs - Phil801 Picking
Valanx Kwikset Disclosure
Hotel Chain Reach-In
Wafer Lock
Hotel Chain Rubber Band
Wafer Safe
Hotel Door Loiding
Wendt Protec Eater
Hotel Door Slapping
Window Latch
Impressioning Mark #1
Winkhaus - Long
Impressioning Mark #2
Winkhaus - Shorter
Impressioning Champoinship