In the Kitchen and Behind the Bar with Deviant

The Hotel Room Gourmet:
How to Enjoy 5-Star Food and Drink while Traveling, Often Without Leaving Your Room or Putting on Pants

Those who know Deviant or Tarah are aware that they love fine food and top-shelf drinks. When visiting homes of others, or when guests are gracious enough to come to our home, it's a pleasure to demonstrate just how easily one can prepare gourmet-grade feasts on a budget.

But what if you're not in your house, or the abode of an accommodating friend with a nice kitchen? Many of us spend much of our work life on the road, struggling to eat healthy and well while staying within budget. Well, forget the hotel lobby restaurant. Don't Uber to the nearest Morton's. Hell, don't even put on your pants.

In this talk we will snub our noses at room service and not take our our credit card save for one quick visit to a local grocery store. The Hotel Room Gourmet will be a full and complete breakdown of a dizzying array of high-class food that we often make right in our hotel rooms (no suite or kitchenette needed!) which is healthier, tastier, and cheaper than nearly all other offerings available. Stick it to the man (and make your expense report happy) as you start dining on deviled eggs, savory vegetables, and the thickest, juiciest rare steaks imaginable.

Those who are present will not only learn but be afforded the opportunity to taste some of these exact creations! Those who are vegan, forswear alcohol, or prefer their meat well-done are advised to leave... as we will be holding knives.

2017/05/28 - LayerOne
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Upping Your Game with the Cause of and Solution To All of Life's Problems

Last year, Deviant and friends brought you gustatory delights in “The Hotel Room Gourmet” and the audience was treated to cooking advice, hardware demonstrations, and free noms! This talk is the counterpoint to “The Hotel Room Gourmet”…

Liverstrong” is a motto coined by Infosec Curmudgeon, BSides founder, and all-around-wonderful soul Jack Daniel. Being Liverstrong is not simply about the alcohol quantity in your evening or the B.A.C. levels in your bloodstream. No, as you will learn in this presentation, the Liverstrong lifestyle comes from diligent training, sharp knowledge, and a discerning palate.

This talk will step people through some of the basics of booze, distinguishing good offerings from poor ones, discerning flavor notes, and of course demonstrating the creation of outstanding cocktails. Just like last year, audience participation will encouraged!

2018/04/14 - CarolinaCon
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