This card design was made in response to unfortunate reports of scientifically-illiterate people attempting to subvert or not comply with necessary public health measures.  In fits of embarrassing selfishness, these individuals have been presenting “mask exemption cards” which have been, thankfully, widely-reported to be fraudulent and which hold no power or legal weight, but that didn't stop a Lyft driver from trying to present one to us. (Thankfully, both Lyft as well as Delta Airlines have since adopted policies requiring all staff as well as all passengers to wear masks

Many businesses and even private citizens are, rightfully, informing such “exempt” persons that nothing under the Americans with Disabilities Act supports their position and refusing to accept their misrepresentation.  However, instead of merely stating one’s position verbally to such folk… now you can counter their fake card with a much nicer and more powerful card.  :-)

The first artwork below (high res versions if you click) is formatted for the ID-1 card specification (the standard 3⅜” x 2⅛” credit card size… capable of being printed on a badge printer / card printer) and below that is a version of the design in 3.5”x2” business card size.

Enjoy using these if you wish, and always please remember to do your best to be kind to those you encounter, even if they are not displaying kindness and concern for others.  The only way we’ll get through this is by working together.


ID-1 "badge printer" size


3.5 x 2 "business card " size


and don't hesitate to remind folk of the following...