When attending my first NeighborCon, i was struck by how perfectly efficient and useful was a creation of Travis Goodspeed. "Remember, dear neighbors, at this gathering the FYN / FYN protocol is in effect," he announced. At any time, a person may interject with a hearty "Fuck You, Neighbor!" The response to this is a similarly good-natured "Fuck you, too, Neighbor!" And then additional discussion can commence as neighborliness abounds.

When planning for a TOOOL talk at CarolinaCon 2010, i was struck by my desire for such candor and interaction at this event. However, in the absence of neighbors (and facing a potential dearth of ShmooBalls) how could we attempt to ensure such rapport?

It was then that i created the µdrink protocol. This is something that i am releasing here, open-source, so that anyone can incorporate it into their lectures, public workshops, love-making, etc.

It works like this... next