2013-06-19 - another round of flash drives are in the works

We are totally complete on our past run of flash drives. About a month ago, i gave out the last one from the initial batch. Handed to an Army Tank SSgt whom we met in Houston on an overnight flight delay, this moment made me reflect on how much we've accomplished in terms of free goodies and free entertainment over the years. I've already spoken to our guy at iPromo and they're prepared to offer us a great rate again...

... between the drives, the lanyards, the dog tags, and some shipping/assembly costs we are looking at about $2500, just like last time. I'm going to start a hard fundraising push with the hopes of producing these this summer, just after DEFCON most likely. Much like before, donors will get gifts and things... this year, i'd like to make them a lot more tangible and worthwhile.

Thew new funding method, therefore, will be the following: donations will be accepted in $100 increments. For every $100 donation that someone makes, they will receive one of the completed flash drives and lanyards, etc. ALL donors, no matter how small their level, will also get a bonus lanyard with the gold "donor thank you" dog tag that we have produced in the past... i've created a specific PayPal button just for this funding cause. There's a hard limit of 23 in the system, so after that we'll call it good. Be sure to use a PayPal account that's tied to the proper shipping address where you want your flash drive(s) and lanyards sent after things get produced!

- deviant


2013-06-18 - a TTB gift drive goes out yet again

Big thanks to Paul for using our direct links in order to drop ship a hard drive and mini Pelican case right to our office, where i painted and prepared it, then filled it with content and packaged it up for shipping to Paul's buddy Kevin. The latest 1TB drive went out in the mail this morning to Kevin's FPO address... stay safe and stay entertained, man!

- deviant


2012-12-28 - new TTB drive shipping out

Thanks to the generosity of Bill Sempf, a next-generation TTB is shipping out via a Captain buddy of his who is rotating forward in January of `13. This one uses a new style of drive produced by Seagate.

- deviant

2012-10-10 - Guess what I saw while traveling through Kandahar Airfield

I happened upon a solider with a green pelican with a hard drive in it   :)

- blackwell


2012-07-06 - Latest TTB drives have reached their destination

I'm pleased to report that the latest TTB drives have made it to Afghanistan. Spc Gomand and SSgt Jones have received their digital care packages and are sharing the content with their fellow soldiers.

... from what i'm told, the Music directory is a big hit, along with the Audiobooks and other eBooks. Movies are being enjoyed, and at least one of the favorite TV shows of the troops over there, Justified, was appreciated. On the soldiers' recommendation, i've obtained the full episode list for Sons of Anarchy and i'll be adding that, along with the full archive of Trailer Park Boys, to future TTBs.

More images in the new entry on the photos page.

- deviant


2012-06-08 - New TTB Drives are shipping out

The paint is dry, the content is all moved, the cases are prepped, and the labels are printed...

... and these drives will be shipping out to Spc. Paul G. and Darren M. today!

- deviant


2012-06-08 - New TTB Drives being built

Thanks to a wonderful donation of hardware from KingToros, two new TTB units are being prepared and going to ship out to soldiers overseas See all the new photos of them painted and readying to ship in the latest photos entry..

- deviant


2012-03-25 New Full-Size TTB Drive Deployed

Back in February we were contacted by an NG Specialist asking about a full-size TTB drive that he wanted to use in order to spread some good content to the men and women whom he encounters. After a short while of coordinating things, James had a new hard drive shipped my way -- we've switched to Seagate externals and i like them a lot more -- and i gave it the full OD Green treatment, outfitted a new Pelican micro case, and out it went!

See more in the new entry on the photos page.

- deviant


2012-02-14 - Hoping to Produce More Flash Drives Soon

There's been quite the large interval between updates here. But that doesn't mean the TTB Project's activities have ceases. Quite the contrary, it's amazing to still be hearing from people with tales of where the drives show up around the world. They're really spreading throughout the Armed Forces society in unexpected ways.

I am really glad about this. With all the uncertainty and general upheaval that people's lives go through when they serve in uniform, I wasn't sure if these flash drives would get lost in the shuffle or wind up in the bottoms of ditty bags shoved into duffels, etc. But it seems as though every single servicemember has tried really hard to pass them along and keep the content moving. A few have even come back to me when someone learned they were rotating back to the states!

In any case, i most assuredly want to produce more of these drives. It's just been a matter of saving money and hoping that our supplier, iPromo, would produce them in a 64 GB model. No word on the latter point just yet, but as far as the former consideration, I hope to make a big push for that soon. If i'm lucky, i'll get a quote from them next week and we'll see where we stand with all the numbers.

In the meantime, all we ever ask is that you just help spread the word. We want to raise awareness, we want to spread more free entertainment, we want to touch more lives.

- deviant


2011-06-08 - Regards from FOB Kalsu

It's always so great to see photos and other feedback from the field... and we thank the Sgt. Lindsay and the rest of the soliders at FOB Kalsu very much for dropping us a line and showing us the smiles that the TTB Project can bring to those who serve!

Have a look at the latest entry on the photos page to see more!

- deviant


2011-06-03 - The Flash Drives are still moving along

It's been a few months now, and the Traveling Terabyte Flash Drives are seriously covering ground. We've personally given out over half of them in airports and USO locations during times of travel. I also have shipped them to APO and FPO addresses all over. Just today i dispatched packages to FOB Tarin Kowt, a Corporal in the 1/5 Bravo Co, the Marines at COS Endeavor, and a few fellows we know state-side who are deploying in the near future.

Let's hope that we get some terrific photos and stories from the folk in the field.

- deviant


2011-05-06 - Extending the TTB's reach near Iskandariya, Iraq

Back in March a Sergeant at COS Kalsu contacted me. His unit had heard about the Traveling Terabyte Project from The folk there have a little morale operation of their own running... with a 1.5 TB NAS. However, they were a bit lacking in content. So we shipped a hard drive out to them along with a half dozen TTB Flash Drives.

Sgt Tyler has volunteered to coordinate things out his way by pushing more content out to servicemembers in forward areas, by using the flash drives to shuttle files forward, rotating them back at times to refresh them with new material, etc.

We're looking forward to some photos and accounts from the fella out that way.

- deviant


2011-03-30 - TTB Flash Drives in Action

A couple nice photos are up in the gallery, showing that these new TTB Flash Drives are indeed out and circulating now. If i see you in uniform in an airport, you're likely going to get one of these from me! If you want to have one sent to a friend or loved one in the service, just email me with their APO or FPO address!

- deviant



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