Special recognition is given here to those who have made significant contributions to the Traveling Terabyte Project and helped keep it alive and growing...

AST Cell
Jason Blackwell
Pat Galea
the Prez
King Toros
Bill Sempf
Paul Castello

A great many people have expressed an interest in donating to the Traveling Terabyte Project. Some have made offers of hardware. Others have emailed lists of their movies, music, and TV shows that they would like to make available to friends overseas. Still others have simply asked if they can give money directly to us.

Our preference is that donations be material rather than financial. Sending and receiving money via the web is safe, for sure, but can be a hassle when it comes to record keeping and dealing with groups like PayPal. Instead of money, we prefer that interested parties contact us and make arrangments for shipments of hardware or content to reach us directly.

Thus, all who offer assistance can be recognized (if they so desire) and also can be secure in the knowledge that their contributions went towards this project specifically, and not someone's personal pocketbook.

We are happy to accept content on recorded media or on an external drive which we can send back to you. Naturally, files encoded in MP3 audio and MPEG-4 or H.264 video are better than original DVDs or CDs since content must be converted to those formats for inclusion on the TTBs. Please note that no proprietary formats like WMV, RealVideo, or DRM-enabled content are acceptable.

We also accept donations of hardware. People have sent us used or privately refurbished hard drives, but for durability and long life, new or factory-refurbished drives are best. External enclosures are a dime a dozen... but we are trying very hard to keep exclusively to the look and functionality offered by the enclosures described in the tech section of our FAQ.

Actually, hardware in general has become so inexpensive that an entire TTB case can be constructed using basically $200 worth of parts, and that includes all shipping charges. If you wish to make a significant contribution to the TTB project, consider offering up the means for us to create a whole new case. Anyone who shows this much generosity will be allowed to choose where this TTB travels initially and will also be its first recipient.

Seagate FreeAgent 1 TB USB External Hard Drive
Pelican 1020 Micro Case

Contact us directly if you are considering donating to the project.


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