2012-12-28 - new TTB drive shipping out

Thanks to a generous donation from Bill Sempf, another TTB drive has been built and is on its way to the field.


2012-07-06 - Latest TTB drives have reached their destination

The two new TTBs that i prepared and sent to Spc Gomand and SSgt Jones have reached the troops.


2012-06-08 - New TTB Drives being built

Thanks to a wonderful donation of hardware from KingToros, two new TTB units are being prepared and going to ship out to soldiers overseas.


2012-03-25 - New Full-Size TTB Drive Deployed

A Specialist contacted me about getting a new full-size TTB spun up, and after coordinating together a bit we did just that. Here's a few photos of the latest drive, which has shipped out and is entertaining more troops.


2011-06-24 - More Photos from Iraq

A Louie and an SFC display TTB flash drives.


2011-06-08 - TTB Drives at FOB Kalsu

We have some photos from the soliders at FOB Kalsu, showing how happy they are with the digital care package that we've sent their way.


2011-03-20 - TTB Flash Drives in Georgia

I got to give out some of the new TTB Flash Drives in ATL airport and showed them in detail to some soliders from Fort Benning who hung out with us at Outerz0ne.


2011-03-17 - Flash Drives Are All Assembled

Well, it's 4 in the morning after the conclusion of St. Patty's and i fly out tomorrow... but I managed to get all these little fuckers assembled. Woot! I'm working on the first 32 GB batch of content, editing is hard. But i want some in my carry-on in the airports for when i encounter traveling troops.


2011-03-15 - Flash Drives Have Arrived

The latest phase of the TTB Project is on the verge of total completion... our shipment of flash drives and lanyards has arrived. We have all of our new custom dog tags, and i'm going to start putting them all together before heading to Georgia and Florida this weekend.


2010-01-23 - The completed 3rd generation TTB

Here's the final version of the newest Traveling Terabyte. The size and weight of this latest package is nothing short of stunning, in my view. Barely over a pound, but containing over 5,000 hours of content.


2010-01-22 - The newest version of the TTB... so bloody tiny

The latest version of the TTB is complete, and even i am astonished at how small it is. There are no more power adapters, plug converters, or other cords. It's just a USB cable and a notebook drive in a mini case... that's our new standard.


2009-12-07 - x-mas DVDs head out in the mail

Another trip to the post office during the silly season... another big batch of DVDs makes its way out to APO and FPO addresses around the world. Many of our Embassy Marine friends are also included again, as well.


2009-07-22 - two next-gen TTBs are completed

We now have two of the new-generation Traveling Terabytes completed and ready to be shown off at DEFCON, then make their way to a USO post, then to Iraq and Afghanistan.


2009-07-06 - new TTB hardware... more compact and efficient

We're rebuilding the Traveling Terabytes using smaller cases, wickedly awesome enclosures, and full 1TB drives. Faster speed in a tighter, lighter package, baby.


2008-07-12 - US Marines enjoying TTB #2 in Dushanbe

US Marines overseas enjoy learning scads of new things from the Discovery Channel programs, documentaries, and loads of books (both eBooks and Audiobooks) on the tan TTB.


2007-08-24 - TTB #1 arrives in Tajikistan

the original OD Green TTB entertains US Marines in Tajikistan's capital city.


2007-07-28 - home base

the traveling terabytes get a proper place to call home.


2006-12-21 - both together

both of the traveling terabytes home at the same time for maintenance and file updates.


2006-10-17 - TTB #2

photos of the second traveling terabyte package.


2006-07-15 - TTB #1

photos of the first traveling terabyte package.

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