2010-01-23 - The completed 3rd generation TTB

Here's the final version of the latest Traveling Terabyte

The specialized angle-head micro USB cable allows the unit to operate without ever having to take the hard drive out of the Pelican case.

One can't totally latch it shut (or else the weather seal would split the cable) but that's a really safe way of using the drive in all sorts of perilous conditions.

The logbook has a new introduction page, too.

The new case is smaller in width than a 5.56 round... can you believe that?

So very narrow... it's actually pocketable.

Again, 5.56 rounds for comparison

And, can you believe the reduction in weight from the first generation? 7 ounces for the new drive... barely more than a phone or camera.

And the whole affair, all boxed up and packed, is barely over one pound. Just think, in a package this small we have over 5,000 hours of content. What a fascinating modern age of technology we are in.

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